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    Soil nutrients are one of the most important factors affecting plant growth and yield production as well as the environment. A healthy soil will have all the essential elements in the right proportions to support healthy plant growth throughout its life cycle. To help you maintain the health of your soil, we have selected some of our favourite products all of which are great performers in this region.

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    Grow Safe Soil Microbes

    Grow Safe Soil Microbes are a balanced combination of cultured soil microorganisms that help mobile minerals and other essential nutrients for uptake by plants. They are suited to all soil types, whether for commercial crop or use in the home garden they contain beneficial bacteria and fungi are essential to soil fertility. This allows plants to better access nutrition, improves water efficiency and overall plant performance.  Soil microbes play essential roles in maintaining healthy soils and healthy plants.



    Rock Dust Mineral Fertiliser

    No Frills Fertiliser’s Rock Dust is the ultimate food for the soil. Certified Organic by NASAA, this is a unique mineral fertiliser made from volcanic rock dust. It is a blend of 17 ingredients that provides both nutritional and physical benefits. It is non-leaching, completely safe for rivers and waterways and will actually hold onto nutrients and water. It is great for use on flower beds, lawns, natives and edible crops and will add to the flavour and mineral density of home grown produce by imparting the nutrients, minerals and trace elements from rock dusts and its other ingredient. It is non alkalising and is designed to be used as a continuous ‘little bit often’ input to improve the nutritive quality of the soil and constantly aid in the building of soil structure. When using Rock Dust Plus always remember to water it in well.



    Charlie Charcoal

    Certified Organic by NASAA, Charlie Charcoal™ is a high quality horticultural charcoal/biochar that is of great benefit in sandy soils.  As a permanent source of carbon, charcoal acts as a sponge to hold onto water and nutrients (having a high cation exchange capacity or CEC) and has a very large surface area - making it an ideal home for millions of beneficial soil microbes. Charlie Charcoal™ is unique in that it has a very low pH, so it’s hugely beneficial to people in coastal regions that struggle in limestone/sandy soil; and it also means that Charlie Charcoal™ is a great addition to pots and planters where you’re wanting to grow acid loving plants (eg. azaleas, camellias, blueberries, gardenias). It is a highly stable way of adding humus to sandy soils, and has long term benefits; reducing fertiliser requirements and leaching. Charlie Charcoal™ is non-toxic and safe to use for all plants and it is Certified Organic.



    Coastal Cure

    No Frills’ Coastal Cure converts sand to soil permanently and is Certified organic by NASAA. Coastal Cure is specially formulated to fix non wetting/water repellant soils long term and to eliminate soil wetters for good. It is a soil amendment conditioner not a fertiliser that works by changing the physical structure of sandy soils. By adding clay to sand, water can penetrate the spaces between the grains allowing water and nutrients to stay in the root zone where the plant can access them. The addition of rock dust provides over 60 beneficial minerals lacking in sandy soils. Coastal Cure is perfect for growing anything in sandy conditions, Raised Garden Beds & Container Pots. Using Coastal Cure will convert sand to soil, increase water holding capacity and stop nutrients leaching. It is river and ground water safe and has a permanent effect.

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